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Spring Cleaning Your Life

Spring has sprung and things are finally warming up. Thursday marked the start of a new season, and with the change in weather come many other transitions. This season brings new life and exciting possibilities. Bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes adorn the side of highways making for wonderful and enjoyable travels along I-45. If you look out you can also see cows, and horses with their babies. For many of you this brings, Spring Break, and a chance to take a much needed break from school and/or work. Easter and the celebration of the new life and the possibility of being reborn in the Sprit is something else this season brings. Spring also brings the desire to for some to do some much needed Spring Cleaning. During this time, people organize their closets, clean the garage, give away clothes that haven’t been worn in years, and throw away all of the junk that have been accumulating over the past year.

So what does that have to do with you? I want to ask you this: What junk do you have in your life? I’m not talking about anything tangible, like broken toys or computers that barely work. What baggage have you been holding onto? Is there something in your life that weighing you down? Maybe you’ve had a falling out with a friend and are ready to start making amends. Maybe you have a secret and you are finally ready to tell somebody. Or maybe you are just worn out and need to take a break.

Whatever is going on, whatever your problem may be, I challenge you to think about the emotional junk you may have in your life and work to get rid of it. Dig deep, pray, to a break, whatever you do make an effort to do some Spring Cleaning in your life. If you need help call a friend, or pastor or a counselor. Learn from them, and heed their advice. Let them help you grow, and reinvent yourself into a junk free version of you! This task may seem unappealing, but I assure you it is well worth it.