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Learning Never Takes a Holiday

Summer is here and with that comes a change in the climate.  This season also brings a change in the pace of life and the opportunity to get away from the everyday stresses of life.  This looks different for all of us.  Some of us go to Florida, or California to spend time on laying out, or surfing on the hot sandy beaches.  Some of us escape the mountains in Colorado, or Arizona.  Some of us go to Europe to make to see things they have always dreamed about seeing.  Students get a break from school and learning takes on a different approach.  Learning happens outside of the classroom in the summer months and the lessons we are taught are different.

All of us learn lessons throughout our lives whether we are students or not.  All of us are growing and developing into the people we are supposed to become.  This season I want to ask you to be intentional as you take a break from life.  Take a moment to consider all that you have learned and all that you have let to learn.  Ask yourself where you are and want to be.  Then come up with ways to get there.  Ask yourself if there is anything you are not doing that you could be doing to foster growth and development in your life.

If you are a parent do the same for your children.  Help them figure out what they are and where they want to go.   Help them figure out how to get there.  Then ask them the same questions you would ask yourself.  Help direct them, and be their guide as the learn and grow outside of the classroom.  What we learn outside of the classroom is just as valuable and meaningful as what we learn in the classroom.  This summer as you take a break realize that learning never takes a holiday.