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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Most of us have heard the phrase “April showers bring May flowers.” The phrase was often heard in classrooms when we were children, but we forgot about the phrase by the time we reached adulthood. By the time we reach adulthood our lives become complicated as we must navigate through a life that is stressful and ever changing. Sometimes, we go through a season where everything goes wrong, and it can seem as if we are standing outside in the middle of a storm. When this happens life seems impossible to manage, but I assure you there are ways to navigate through the hardest of circumstances. The following is a list of ways to get you through some the worst storms of this life.

1. Pray: When it seems like everything is going wrong, pray to God!
a. Pray that God would give you peace during this time.
b. Pray that God would heal you
c. Pray that God would give you understanding

2. Find comfort in God’s scriptures: The following are several scriptures you can refer to when things are dark and bleak:
a. Psalm 18:2,34:8, 55:22, 147:3
b. John 16:333
c. Colossians 1:24
d. Revelation 21:4

3. Talk to a friend or family member: When everything is going wrong talk to a friend or a family member. Don’t isolate yourself from the world. People were created with the need for fellowship and community, and no one should have to suffer alone. When you are going through a hard season, it is important to get support because it will keep you and sustain you.

4. Talk of a counselor or pastor: When everything is going wrong talk a counselor or a pastor. It can be easy to lose perspective when we’re going through a hard season of life, and a counselor and/or pastor can help you get perspective. A counselor and/or pastor can give you insight, and a new way to look at things.

When everything goes wrong at once it can seem as if the rainy season will never end, but I promise you it will. There is an end to every season, and in time things do get better. There are ways navigate through the hardest circumstances, and the worst weather. Some of those ways are listed above, and with that said I close in saying that I hope the best for you. I hope this information was helpful and that it will bless you as navigate through life.